• Protect your business value, promote your ethics, and weed out counterfeits, with source-verified digital certificates of authenticity

  • Contact current owners, no matter how many times the product has changed hands, thanks to traceability across the product life cycle

  • Offer owners more, develop stronger relationships with your market, and enhance your business, while respecting owners’ privacy, thanks to built-in data anonymity


  • Get closer to your customers, thanks to unbreakable blockchain-based reachability and trust

  • Make it easy for customers to obtain product-related rewards and benefit from loyalty programs, with a seamless registration process

  • Help protect customers against loss or theft and report fraud effectively, through product traceability

  • Multiply opportunities to sell desirable, valuable, authenticated products, via access to a global decentralized marketplace

  • Offer value-added services easily for more revenue and higher customer satisfaction, thanks to seamless warranty and insurance product activation

Consumers and owners

  • Have secure, undeniable proof of ownership, through Product DID traceability

  • Buy and sell desirable, authenticated products easily and securely, via access to a global, decentralized marketplace

  • Get additional benefits and services as a product owner, thanks to unbreakable blockchain-based reachability and trust

  • Get additional rewards by sharing product data, from marketing analytics research organizations

  • Reap the benefits of your own standards for sustainability and environmental protection, via rewards from recycling providers

Marketers and marketing analysts

  • Reward and provide business clients with focused, product-related marketing data and insights from shared customer product data

  • Help clients win against fraud and counterfeiters, through blockchain-based product traceability