Now you know
it's genuine

Welcome to a world where you can be 100% sure that an article is genuine, and you are truly its owner

No more worrying about keeping receipts safe
No more danger of being tricked into buying counterfeit and imitation products
For items of value for consumers, businesses, and manufacturers. Simple, fast and secure
Phone with Ownify app


Win more customers and boost their loyalty and your brand image, while driving out counterfeiters and imitators of your product. Use Ownify to mark your products securely from the moment you produce them, through retail sales, to customers and subsequent owners of your product. Track the ownership of your products while respecting the privacy of your customers, yet offering them the incentives, upgrades, accessories, and memberships they want.


With the easy to use Ownify app on your smartphone or tablet, get undeniable proof of ownership when you buy a product. Get the benefits of manufacturers’ loyalty and incentive programs. Ensure that the sustainability and ethics of manufacturers align with your expectations. Easily and securely transfer proof of ownership and benefits to a new owner if you decide to sell.